Andrew Johnston: Architecture and Consultancy Services

Case Study - Responsive Web Site Design for Private Clients (2012 - 2013)


Web site modernisation to support mobile clients

Key Outcomes

Successful modernisation of multiple websites with legacy bases dating back up to 20 years

Key Challenges

Elimination of legacy client-side technologies e.g. Java and prior browser and client platform dependencies

Key Technologies

Responsive grid design, media queries, HTML5, CSS, PHP, WordPress, JAlbum


I maintain websites for both my own endeavours and for some other private clients. It had become apparent that these needed a substantial update to properly support the modern plethora of devices and browsers. I therefore undertook a major rewrite to ensure that all aspects of each website are now fully device-independent, mobile-friendly and responsive, in the process eliminating prior dependencies on specific browser capabilities and client-side Java. All now use a single unified and highly modular architecture, with all core logic moved to server-side.

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