Andrew Johnston: Architecture and Consultancy Services

Case Study - Development of Network Orchestration for UBS Plc (2017)


Development of network orchestration and automation solutions

Key Outcomes

Delivery of a unifying framework for a suite of network management solutions, plus its first application in the DNS domain

Key Challenges

Inexperienced development team with immature agile development practices split across multiple locations, complex technologies and procedures, continual high deadline pressure

Key Technologies

Python/Django, REST APIs, JSON, XML, YAML, Cisco NSO (Tail-F), Linux, CouchDB, Jira/Confluence


Like many large multinational banks, UBS has a highly complex network, with a high cost of change and management. The New Generation Networks (NGN) programme seeks to progressively introduce new network technologies which will employ extensive automation and orchestration to improve processes and reduce timelines and costs.

I worked with the NGN group’s own development team, primarily in a design and development role. Earlier work had developed a number of fragmented point solutions, and I created a more cohesive solution architecture. This exploits established design patterns to unify request handling and standardise internal data structures, with adapters to handle the multiple disparate endpoint interactions.

I became product owner and lead developer of this architecture’s first use for the DNS solution. This supported a 50% reduction in the DNS team, and will allow a significant element of self-service in what have previously been complex multi-party processes.

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